About the Chindwin Post

While the primary objective of traditional journalism is often to provide factual reporting, our method differs in its scope and perspective. We believe that facts have consistently proven to be of significant importance to human society; nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that facts alone may not suffice.

We are formulating opinions, concepts, and values to enhance comprehension and foster harmonious relations among diverse ethnic groups. The fundamental objective of our initiative is to facilitate and encourage interethnic discussion in Myanmar and India, through publishing news, analysis, commentary and discussion on Myanmar and India from minority perspectives, where prolonged violence has been prevalent as a result of insufficient communication and mutual understanding.

Contact us for pitching stories, discussion and a guest for our podcast at editorial@zoglobe.com.

Key Moments

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We report on WhatsHapeningInMyanmar, mainly focusing on ethnic areas.

Opinion & Analysis

We value different opinions from diverse backgrounds and encourage ethnic minorities to provide their insight through our platform.


We believe in dialogue in both formal and informal settings, according to our own preferences.

Zo Globe Foundation

The Chindwin post is managed by the Zo Globe Foundation. The board members of the foundation are authorised to provide policies, statements, and guidance.

Please contact us for more information at editorial@zoglobe.com

Our Editorial Team